Piacenza Design is passionate about creating environments of warm, welcoming, functional beauty, essential for nurturing a well-lived life.  We offer comprehensive design services for residential & commercial projects tailored to your needs and space, from color consultation to complete home remodeling.


Meet the Designer

Aesthetic by nature, designer Jann Placentia's great joy is melding classical forms & details with contemporary lifestyles and infusing beauty into all facets of life: material, spiritual, and social.

"To that end, I believe that Creative Collaborations + Intuition can lead to Inspired Design and help make traveling along the path of Life much more rewarding... I love helping people define & create spaces that truly reflect their personality.  For me, the essence of a well-lived life is being surrounded by treasured objects, beautiful colors & fabrics, marvelous music, gorgeous gardens, delicious food, and the warmth of friendship."


Design Beat: Euro (Formerly Design Beat Seattle)

Piacenza Design's Jann Placentia is a lover of all things stylish, luxurious, delicious, and never trendy.  Here, she documents her eternal hunt for Enlightened Design.

"Beauty is its own excuse for being"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson