Note:  This post was first published September, 2009 in the blog: Piacenza Design........

The September issue of House Beautiful is devoted to color.  In addition to some absolutely fabulous homes (!) that are amazingly bold and very beautiful, there’s a fun, interactive section called “What’s your COLOR personality?” 
In it, you’ll find a reading list, a color numerology quiz, (I’m Yellow – who knew?  “Cheerful, charming, magnetic, intelligent, confident, creative.  Somewhat psychic, and enigmatic.  A good leader and negotiator”  hmmmmm… )  and loads of other fun, informative, and interactive mini articles.
For those of you with iPhones, you’ll find a list of really cool color applications to download. For the spiritually-guided, there's a link to a website about angels and their particular color affinities......
It’s well worth it to pick up a copy of the magazine and/or browse it online ... House Beautiful
Color is an interesting thing:  intensely personal, emotional, and transformative.  How many times have you picked up a paint brush to update the color of a room, and then - stood back in awe at the change?  It's a great feeling.
As a designer, color is a passion.  It’s an inspirational moment when a color palette is decided upon with a client - and then the fun begins!  
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