Neighborhood Beat, Seattle Style: Hometown tourist, Part 1

In preparation for our Italy/France trip - we're in training now that it's less than 3 months away - we decided to take advantage of the lovely spring weather recently and "seize the day" to become tourists in our own town.  We spent a warm and sunny day at the Pike Place Market, "seeing" everything as tourists might.  

The Market, as we locals refer to it, opened in 1907 and is Seattle's original farmer's market. There's so much to delight the senses: amazing smells, sights, the people  - it's a must!

We began our tour at Watson Kennedy on 1st and Spring St, a shrine to merchandising - second only to ABC Carpet and Home in NYC, for me.  I love the way everything is displayed in zones: by color, type, subject, etc.  It's my go-to store for gifts for anyone!  Lots of candles, glassware, food accessories, cards, calendars, jewelry, themed items (Paris/London/Rome) - even pet gifts! There's also a smaller location at the Market, itself, in the courtyard of the Inn at the Market.

As we sauntered north on First Avenue, we paused to watch the Hammering Man do his thing in front of the Seattle Art Museum and admired the view of Elliot Bay and the Great Wheel.

We dropped in to DeLaurenti Specialty food and Wine, a haven for foodies, to gather some essential household supplies (hot pepper oil, basil oil, know).

Meandering within the Pike Place Market, we watched fish flying through the air....

....pondered the various gorgeous offerings of flora...

and produce.....

...... before settling on a pint of the BEST Greek yogurt in the city, made by Ellenos.

By this time, we were in need of refreshment, so we snagged an outside table at Cafe Campagne (full disclosure: it's my favorite restaurant at the Market) and had lunch.

I ordered what I always do there (I'm so boring), Croque Savoyarde.  And it was delicious, as usual.

Bob had a wonderful salade Nicoise...

....and we shared some light and refreshing Pic Poul blanc.

It was a lovely day!