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Are you on Pinterest? What is Pinterest, anyway?

When Pinterest first launched, I thought of it as an appendage to Facebook - a sort of scrapbooking site for crafts-oriented folks - and I was really resistant to join in.  How wrong I was!

Thanks to the urging of Kris Prochaska, a visionary writer and coach, I'm happy to say that I've now fully embraced Pinterest and find it to be a great way to connect with the entire world and refine an ever-evolving "brand".

Pinterest is basically a high tech cyberspace Vision Board

I created my first vision board in 2000.  I had no idea what I was "supposed" to be doing, but the artist in me loved to create collages so I happily ripped through magazines, tearing out images and headlines that resonated with me and depicted those things I wanted to attract - how I wanted my life to "look".

                                                       2000 Vision Board 

Seeing is believing!  In time, the images and phrases on that first inspiration board came into my life; became my life.  

In order to keep moving forward, I created a new board in 2007 which, interestingly, looks way more philosophical and travel-centric than the first one.  And has lots about Paris! Makes sense.

                                                         2007 Vision Board

Fast forward to now:  after opening Piacenza Design in late 1999, garnering a NW Design Award in 2006, experiencing intense involvement with my local professional design organization, Northwest Society of Interior Designers (serving as President 2009-11), and meeting a zillion wonderful clients and colleagues - some of whom have become treasured friends - I found it was time to create a new vision board, cyber style. 

No more tearing out magazine pages, but "pinning" them, instead, on my boards!  Here's the first page of my cyber inspiration board:

                                                 Piacenza Design on Pinterest

....and these are some of the incredible images to be found on my boards - that have been "pinned" from myriad sources.  Just a tip of the iceberg!

And, of course:

Pinterest is a fabulous way to connect with those of like-minded aesthetics and, for businesses, a great way to gauge the market.  

In order to attract what you want into your life, it helps to have clarity...

Creating inspiration boards, either old-school or electronic, nurture and refine those visions.....

                                                                                                 Have fun!

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