The Chronicles of Alliance Chiropractic's fabulous new office - Prologue

My client and friend, Dr Vivian Ledesma, (who also happens to be my chiropractor), bought an office condominium in The Ruby on Eastlake Avenue East in Seattle. 

She asked me to help her design a warm, welcoming space - what fun!  Not only is she a wonderful, caring doctor but the best client ever, so of course I said "Yes!" and started gathering ideas and materials back in December.

There were too many bureaucratic issues to go into but everything came together in the final hours and she closed on April 12th - also her birthday! - then the team met to go over the plan of attack:

Architect: Keith Smith, General Contractor:  Mike Johnson, Dr Viv......


Great things are coming.....stay tuned!

Posted on May 3, 2010 and filed under Design, Projects.