The Art of Textiles

I recently had coffee with Pat Nugent, owner of Patricia Nugent Textiles, in her charming. light-filled cottage/studio.  I was treated to a private trunk show featuring her extensive collection of antique textiles (dating from 1790 to 1970), vintage clothing, and hand-painted design documents.  The design possibilities were endlessly flowing!
(We had a delightful time, and had earlier discovered that we not only had many acquaintances in common, but that our children went to school together - what a small world!)

Garments from mid- 20th century, above, seem like new. 
The metallic and watercolor hand-painted design, above, is one of the first steps in a textile design - and is perfect for my living room just the way it is!
The samples, above, date from the late 18th century to early 19th.  They look so modern, particularly the geometric pattern.

Pat tells me that a certain national clothing retailer has recently purchased cabbage rose designs from her - think Ralph Lauren circa 1980's - and they will likely be used in new and different ways than the original, similar to the one below.....This is such a gorgeous, intricate pattern when viewed up close and like an Impressionist painting, becomes more clear at a distance.
The meticulously cataloged antique textiles are kept away from light and dust to maintain their pristine condition, like the sample below...
Even the bathroom at Pat's studio is filled with vintage books and artifacts......
 I can't help dreaming about the designers, the patrons, the lives involved in the production of all of these wonderful textiles - and how little things really change; they're just ever so slightly tweaked to become "modern".  Thanks for a glimpse into the past, Pat!
Posted on June 24, 2010 .